Questions concerning ChipTuning

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How does Chip Tuning work?

Normally car companies put more power in their cars than they really use. This fact gives them the possibility to produce two same cars with different power (e.g. model XYZ with 68/90/110 HP), although the vehicles have the same engine. The Power Chips uses these - already designed by the manufacturers - reserves, by adapting injecting electronics optimally. In order to reach this, the chips are connected with the engine control unit where they optimize control signals.

Why not Chip Tuning by the manufacturer?

Normally manufacturers reject Chiptunings, because on the one hand the manufacturers keep the option to do Chiptuning themselves (to a certain degree) and on the other hand they are able to produce cost efficient (e.g. VOLKSWAGEN 1,9 TDI engine mount with origin : 68, 90, 110 HP).

Besides the vehicle manufacturers co-ordinate the achievement for the different insurance classes of the respective country. It can occur that such a vehicle is sold with other performance data in other countries.

How does the installation of the Power Chips take place?

Our products captivate by their simple installation into a vehicle. With none of our chips it is necessary to open the origin control unit or to change the origin data. Our products can be installed by yourself with an build-in instruction in different languages .NO SOLDER WORK necessary! The uninstalling process is very easy (to gain the origin power of your vehicle back) because our chips are extra boxes which are installed between the control unit and the injection pump.

Is the life span of the engine crucially influenced?

The engine is not stronger loaded by the installation of the Chips. Our products are so co-ordinated that neither the limit values of the vehicle nor all other components are exceeded. With normal driving fashion the is engine not affected!

Do I have to register the achievement optimization to register leave?

Yes, every change on your vehicle (e.g. sport steering wheel etc..) is required for classification . With the purchase price of our chips no appraisals are included, You can buy them separately! One is about Euro 86,-.

Is the achievement optimization noticeable?

Yes, by the strong increase of torque up to 20-30% (with turbo engines) you already notice in lower numbers of revolutions a better dynamic of the engine. Also in the intermediate spurt it has partly some seconds more to the series vehicle. The acceleration values are far more than the series values. Achievement recordings on the test stands usually deliver more increases in output as on our datasheets.

What’s about the fuel consumption?

With same driving fashion the fuel consumption decreases approx.. 0.5 l. By the increase of torque and the highered load pressure you reach an improvement in the middle speed range. With normal driving fashion, your car will use less Diesel than before.

How does the automatic transmission change?

The mechanism is adapted automatically

Does the max speed change?

Under normal conditions the max speed increases approx.. 5-15 Km/h.+ The v-max regulation remains thereby untouched.

Do the exhaust gas values change?

No, all exhaust gas values are the same as before!

Can the chip be uninstalled?

Yes, the Power Chip can be uninstalled very easily!

Can I do the installation by myself?

The Chips can be installed by yourself. An exact buid-in instruction with digital photos in the respective national language is delivered with the Chip.

Does the vehicle produce more exhaust gases?

No, everything stays the same; not more exhaust gases or soot !

Does the garage see an error with the diagnosis?

No error is indicated. All rule functions and tasks of the control unit remain.

What is with the work warranty?

Officially the work warranty expires on the parts concerned, with interference into engine electronics.

Will the engine get louder?

No it won’t!

Will anything change for inspection intervals?

They remain the same, we would recommend to use a synthetic oil!

Is an oil cooler necessary ?

It is not necessary because the temperature rises e.g. using a 1.9 TDI, during continuous full load travels over approx.. 8 degrees.

Does a sport air cleaner make more power?

A sport air cleaner ensures for a better respiration of the engine. The exhaust gases can be reduced up to 30%. We recommend such an sport air cleaner to if you use a chip-tuning in the VOLKSWAGEN T4 2,5TDI. An increase in output is in most cases only little (max 3kW).

Advantages of an extern installed Chip to a Chiptuning installed into the contol unit?

Fast to install/uninstall; you can gain the origin power of your vehicle back; that means reuseable !
Installation of a switch to turn on and/or off the increased output with nearly all our products is possible.
Our Chip can’t be detected in the garage by reading out from your control unit!
No interference into the original sealed control unit!
Error recognition remains! If the chip should be damaged, it is programmed that it passes on the origin power of your vehicle !